Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bangles bangles Bangles !!

In the recent past i found myself so addicted to this particular accessory ~ Bangles aka Valayal aka Chudi. They just go well with any outfit you wear *conditions applied ;) In trend are the Wooden bangles and the threaded ones. Apart from wooden and threaded bangles there are  bangles made out of copper , glass , semi precious and precious metals like gold silver platinum etc. Glass and gold bangles are the traditional stuff. Glass bangles never lost its charm and are in fashion decades after decades.

What bangles for what outfit and for what occasion?
  • Any Bright colored wooden or Plastic bangles go great with simple white or black tops with denim skirts or pants.
  • Mix and match the bangles which are in contrast with the color you are wearing; Dark colored dress = Light or dull Colored Accessories not just bangles and vice versa.
  • There is nothing worse than wearing large sized bangles they are usually uncomfortable and are great hindrance when it comes to working wearing it.
  • Strict No No's to thick Bangles for thin wrist and thin bangles for fatty hands. They look ridiculous.
Make sure that the bangles you wear goes well with the out fit you wear. Its always good to wear glass and colored metal bangles for Traditional outfits. More tahn everything it is you who should be confortable and conviced with the ornaments you put on.


  1. now that is good :)
    actually i always used to worry a lot as to which color bangles suit which dress.. weather to set on contrast or same colors... but afetr a point i guess i didnt care nymore... i just started wearin what ever bangle i likes to any sort of dres :)

  2. :D So true !! do what yu want to do :P wear wha yu want to wear :D